Because beer makes food better.

Cooking with FINNEGANS

Our driving mission is to turn beer into good food for those in the community most in need – and we also have some great ideas on how to literally turn beer into food with recipes created by our own resident chef John Mihajlov.

John decided to create some light summer dishes utilizing some of our new fruit forward beer in hopes that summer arrives soon.

As always, don’t cook with beer you would not drink!

Mediterranean salad

Wild Berry Blonde Can with shaved ice

John created this salad, which pairs perfectly with chicken, meat or fish. The dressing incorporates our Wild Berry Blonde which adds a tangy berry flavor to the salad.

You can make this at home! Wild Berry Blonde is part of our FINNEGANS Fruit Forward Fan Pack, available in liquor stores. Download the recipe here!

Salmon Cake Sliders

Blood Orange Pilsner 6 Pack

For an inspirational entrée, make sliders with a twist. Poach salmon lightly in our Blood Orange Pilsner, then flake and mix with a light filler to create delicious salmon patties. It will wow the taste buds at any picnic.

You can make this at home! Blood Orange Pilsner is available in liquor stores. Download the recipe here!


FINNEGANS' resident chef John Mihajlov preps a delicious beer-batter fish fry recipe using FINNEGANS Irish Amber.

You can make it at home! You'll find the recipe in FINNEGANS Celtic Fan Pack in your favorite liquor store, or download it here!