From Grain to Glass - and a little Luck of the Irish!

Brewery Tours

the finnegans experience

Breweries of one form or another have been around since time-immemorial; indeed, the argument continues to rage whether early farmers 12,000 years ago first made beer or bread. But a brewery is also a home, a place where the magic happens and we want to share our story and the story of beer by inviting you to join us in the FINNEGANS EXPERIENCE.

Wicked Twisted Berry with berries

With your Welcome Beer in hand, your guide will begin the tour out in our fantastic courtyard patio area by weaving the backstory of FINNEGANS as a woman-owned business, and our Philosophy of doing good with beer with the heritage of brewing in Minneapolis. Then into the brewhouse itself, we explore the history of beer making from ancient Mesopotamia to Europe, and on to the Americas. The guide will demonstrate the process, show you equipment used by a state of the art facility and have you hold and experience the raw ingredients. We finish up in our Brewers' Den Lounge Bar where you will enjoy a sampling of our various styles, and hear how each came to be - what is an IPA or a Stout, how did Lager get its name and from where. Everyday is a school-day, and in what better college to learn than a brewery and a couple of ales? 


Tours are available at the following times -

Thursday 3pm & 4pm

Friday 3pm & 4pm

Experience is $22 per person - and $2 will be donated to our amazing FINNEGANS Community Fund. 

Advance booking is required & Guests must be 21+ to sample.