Unsung FINNEGANS Champions

December 7, 2017 11:21 am

Thank you Unsung FINNEGANS Champions

We asked you to submit your nominees for Unsung FINNEGANS Champions– those who better their communities thanklessly — and we are excited to finally give our unsung heroes the recognition they so deserve.

Superstar volunteers, barstool philanthropists and all around good people make up our nominee list

click on the nominee’s name to see the Unsung FINNEGANS Champions’ full bio!





Alan Sickbert

Alan is a superstar volunteer! He volunteered at some of FINNEGANS’ biggest events this summer. Not only does he volunteer with FINNEGANS, but he also volunteered with Sara’s Tipsy Pies this summer at the State Fair!

Thanks Alan for being a rock-star TeamFINNEGANS volunteer!








Chad Fuller
Almost every day after his shift, Chad will sit down and enjoy a FINNEGANS. People would ask why he is drinking this beer and he says that he stands behind what they do. Beer in hand, he proudly describes about their mission and vision and thinks it is a great organization. He is a great guy to spread the word about FINNEGANS.
Thanks Chad for all of your FINNEGANS support at Old Chicago in Rosville!







Jon Peres
He is the best of the best!
Thanks Jon for being a brand champion year-round at Applebee’s Northtown Blaine!

Kate Harrison
For helping out w/ samplings and impact map.
Thanks FINNtern Kate for always being up for jumping in on whatever’s needed with your creative graphic skills!

Jeff Urban
Jeff deserves thanks for his excellent leadership of the FINNEGANS Community Fund Board. He knows, says, and does the right stuff to help the mission move forward. And throws an awesome Happy Hour for Drink Like You Care every year (December 5th this year – at Cooper Pub.) Cheers, Jeff!
Thanks Jeff for sharing your leadership, knowledge and epic happy hour organizing skills. 

Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas

 Kari brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the FINNEGANS Community Fund Board, and deserves thanks for her willingness to share it. She leads thinking on important stuff that matters to FINNEGANS mission and operations, and is not afraid to fight for it.

Thanks Kari for always fighting for us even when – we’re glad we have you on our team!


Ben Johnson

Ben brings financial and organizational expertise to the FINNEGANS Community Fund Board and wraps it in a wicked, dry sense of humor. His smarts and strategy skills are even more evident when you meet his wife, pretty much a gourmet chef. Cheers to Ben!

Thanks Ben for taking care of our FCF financials  (seriously, thank you). We never thought it could be this fun!




Kevin Kinney

Kevin volunteers to help at many FINNEGANS events and demonstrates a real love of the brand and the people. And he gives great hugs.

Thanks Kevin for all that you do for all the support you give for not only our brand but also our TeamFINNEGANS volunteers!








Lisa Schiltgen

Lisa is a tireless volunteer for FINNEGANS and can really inspire others to donate to the FINNEGANS Community Fund box at events. She has been a loyal supporter for years and she deserves big thanks and cheers!

Thanks Lisa for always being up for the challenge of breaking the record of most donations collected at events (which most have been set by herself)!




And a big thank you to all of our nominators. Cheers!


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