The Perfect Match

June 1, 2016 10:57 am

Featuring Guest Blogger Matt Bleecker, Co-Captain of Team FINNEGANS MS150 team

IMG_0205It is hard to believe this is our 5th anniversary of Team FINNEGANS and the MS 150. Where does time go? It seems like only yesterday, I was desperately trying to get Jacquie’s attention to listen to my crazy idea. In all true Jacquie fashion, she embraced the idea and so Team FINNEGANS was born.
Today I think about how much as a team we have helped raise awareness on multiple fronts; on who FINNEGANS is and what we do in our communities with helping end hunger thru local food shelves and how the local food shelves will source food from local farmers. There are so many people who still need to hear the FINNEGANS’ story! Plus as a MS 150 bike team we are raising awareness on MS. And funds to help with research so a cure can be found!

Our goal this year is to reach $150,000 and have 200 riders! We are currently at $113,670.33- almost there! (You can donate to our team here)

Someday there won’t be a MS 150 Team Finnegans not because people have stopped caring but because a cure has been found. When that happens, I’m sure someone will pitch Jacquie a new idea and a new cause will be supported.
Until then, I’ll keep getting older and a little slower on the MS 150 bike ride (that could be from lack of training rides) but I’ll still keep raising awareness on two great causes I like to support: FINNEGANS and the MS 150.

Matt (co-captain for Team Finnegans)


This year MS 150 CH Robinson ride will be held on June 10-12.

For more info on our team and where to join click here!

Click here to volunteer! 


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