FINNEGANS was founded on the belief that people are good. And that they deserve a really good beer. Simple genius, really. That’s why FINNEGANS Irish Amber Ale and FINNEGANS Blonde Ale are crafted for an exceptional taste, with a distinctive color and purity of ingredients. You’ll find it a flavorfully rich, medium-bodied ale. Subtly hopped, yet surprisingly crisp and smooth to drink. In short, a lovingly crafted craft beer. With all the character you’d expect from the Irish.

Of course every time you enjoy a FINNEGANS Irish Amber or a FINNEGANS Blonde Ale, you’re actually helping someone locally in the process. Because we give 100% of our profits to fund programs to feed the hungry. Right in the community where it’s sold. So give it a try. You’ll feel good twice over. Cheers.

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