What our Volunteers are saying!

“My work as a Social Entrepreneur intern was a great way for me to get to know the ins and outs of a social enterprise and to see how it IS possible to be a successful business and give back at the same time. Plus, the people are awesome and the work is fun! FINNEGANS does so much good for so many, and in a way that volunteers can feel good about what they’re promoting and drinkers can feel good about what they’re drinking.” – Rachel Levitt

“Volunteering for FINNEGANS over the past 5+ years has fully enriched my life. Using my talents and being a part of a radical social-entrepreneurship that is changing the business world and fighting poverty has been continuously awe-inspiring. I’ve learned and demonstrated valuable career-building skills and I’ve made life-long friendships. FINNEGANS has provided me with all this goodness and a few pints too.”– Melanie Z

“In my time volunteering with FINNEGANS, not only did I feel like I was working with a team of very talented and caring people but I also knew I was working to bring some good to every community FINNEGANS has a presence in. I would recommend volunteering with FINNEGANS to anyone that has the passion, ability, and heart to make your community a better place for everyone.”
– Nate Stephens

“I started working with FINNEGANS as an intern in college to gain business experience.  However, once I started my internship I realized I would achieve a great deal more than that.   Since I have been at FINNEGANS, I have seen it grow both as a business and a wonderful, positive outlet in helping our local community fight hunger.  Everyone who works and volunteers with FINNEGANS is passionate about helping those in need and working together to achieve these goals.   I am thankful for ALL that I have gained from my FINNternship and know that I will always be one way or another involved with this amazing organization.” – Lisa Bolton




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