PINTTRACKERSeptember 2016 is FINNEGANS’ Sweet 16 Birthday and in honor of our 16th birthday we set a goal of hitting $1 million in total donations back to the community!

We are proud to announce that we made our GOAL early! To celebrate we are inviting all of our supporters to our birthday toast at Irish Fair of MN this Friday, Aug. 12! You can RSVP here to help us celebrate and let’s keep the donations rolling through our birthday to surpass $1 million in donations!


We have come up with 3 easy ways for you to help us fill the pint!



Buy a round of Freckled Rooster and Hoppy Shepherd or stock up on our NEW Summer Sampler. Did we mention Summer cocktails with our beers?




Don’t know what to get us for our birthday? We have a registry down below. Everything on our registry is something a food shelf or people facing food insecurity needs but budgets may not cover. Let’s help our neighbors out.




Feel good about your halo of doing good. Get recognized on our “Wall of Halos” below and get ready to party at our birthday party.



Birthday Registry

Here are a few of our birthday wishes. Click on the item to see more details!




Plain white van

Delivery Van


Everything from fresh produce to freezers- check out our full registry and see what food shelves are needing.

Hear from the Food Shelves

Food shelves do an incredible job of collaborating in the hunt for resources that go beyond feeding hungry families – connecting people to job skills, health care, social service resources, and education in order to get folks back to independence. Some shelves are experiencing reduced budgets while the number of hungry remains constant (and on the increase) at 10%.
Each of the items on the registry are items food shelves have identified as needed items that their budgets don’t quite cover. Hear some of their stories on how our registry items could help them help our neighbors.

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Wall of Halos

Check back here to see who has committed and contributed to our Million Dollar Campaign. Want to see your name/company here? Contact Angie to see how you can earn your own halo.

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