November Beer Log

October 31, 2019 3:38 pm

November, the month that brings us the end of Autumn, and the beginning of the cold dark winter. November also brings us our annual Drink Like You Care campaign. Our […]

November, the month that brings us the end of Autumn, and the beginning of the cold dark winter. November also brings us our annual Drink Like You Care campaign. Our fantastic distributors match our giving and make double the impact from November 1st through 31st.  In Minnesota, all donations are used to purchase locally grown, organic produce for local food shelves.  Some of our retail partners also donate to our cause, making  it triple giving!  We give, they give, you give. It’s a great time of year to pick up a 4 pack, 6 pack, or 12 pack and know that you are helping us eliminate hunger one beer at a time. In its 13th season, the Drink Like You Care campaign allows us to continue supporting local farmers who are supporting local food shelves. I feel like I’m always telling you to drink more. If you’re going to add on those winter pounds, it might as well be with some delicious beer. Right?

Tile Factory Mosaic IPA has been constantly flowing at the taproom. We need to keep brewing to keep up with your thirst. Not a problem on our end. Each time we brew, the staff come in and hoot, holler, cheer, and  high five because it’s one of our favorites to drink as well. Dark beers are becoming more available at the taproom and it is only eleven weeks from Dark Week 2020! Mark those calendars for January 13-18th. More details to come. So, if this was a musical, I would somehow come up with a song you would all know the chorus to called, “Best Damn Week of the Year!” The line-up this year is set, and we are excited to start brewing for you. Three of the six might already be slumbering in their barrels. We are still sorting out which days to release which brews, but that’s as much of a sneak peek as I can share right now.

New beers to arrive were a plenty last month. November will bring just as much variety. The Einer that is currently on tap is the last of it we have anywhere. Get it while you can! Our grisette brewed with fresh lemongrass named l’amour(love), will be arriving soon and it’s one of my favorites we’ve made so far. Cluster Truck is in the tank and finishing up as I write this, returning to the taproom soon. Here are the two shining stars coming this month that I’m excited for you to try! Gitty Up! WOW!

Lonesome Fiddle: Coffee Dunkel    5.8%ABV

This German style dunkel (dark) lager was brewed with 5 different malts: Munich, Vienna, Pale, Special B, and black malt. Hopped with a couple different varieties of noble German hops. Fermented cold for 5 weeks. To top it off, we added 40 pounds of locally whole coffee beans exclusively roasted for us by Fiddlehead Coffee in Rochester. The coffee added, well, a very distinctive coffee character to the beer that smells of chocolate and a hint of nutmeg. Deliciously drinkable, and a wake me up to any traditional Dunkel Lager you have had before. Look for it soon! The beer was originally named “The Devil went down to Rochester” for the unformidable Charlie Daniels and his amazing fiddle playing. But the song was originally titled “Lonesome Fiddle Blues” as an instrumental. Sounded like a better beer name in my book.

Brett de L’hiver (Winter Brett): Barrel aged Dark Brett beer aged in Brandy Barrels   8.6%ABV

This beer pushes the envelope further than we have before. It is a dark Belgian ale base with two different strains of brettanomyces (one funky and one citrusy) along with two strains of lactobacillus and aged in brandy barrels for 11 months. Funky and slightly sour. Smooth with a creamy mouthfeel. We brewed this beer in September of last year and let it age on the wild yeast and bacteria for two months before transferring it into the oak barrels. It has the aroma of black cherries, tobacco leaf, and funk. It tastes of strawberries, dark chocolate, oak and has a warming character like no other beer we’ve brewed to date. It will be releasing on November 21st, one week before Thanksgiving. It will be great with all the turkey and stuffing, as an aperitif, or with your pumpkin pie.

November barrels its way into our lives with its cold winds and snow most likely. Warm up with a beer. Whether it’s in the taproom, at your favorite watering hole, or in the comfort of your own home, FINNEGANS has many offerings for you to choose. Stay warm and drink FINNEGANS. We will try to keep you warm during this long and cold approaching winter. As we say, “Cheers from the bottom of our pints!”



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