Logan is going to Norway!

March 28, 2019 11:40 am

FINNEGANS is excited to announce that our assistant brewer Logan Mclean will be embarking on a weeklong trip to Oslo, Norway from March 30 to April 7 to learn traditional nordic brewing methods at the Eik & Tid brewery. He will be working with the owner Amund, focusing on a yeast variety called “Kveik,” the Norwegian word for yeast. It’s an aggressive strain that can get full fermentation in 16 hours, much faster than the average two and a half week period for ales. Kveik has popped up in the U.S. in recent years and has been increasing in popularity.

The yeast is unique in that it’s native to people’s farmyards. Hoarded by families for years, these proprietary blends have been passed down for generations, but have since become mass produced and heavily used as a result of the craft brewing boom. Logan is hoping to learn how to use Kveik the way they use it in Norway—not the modern Americanized way—using minimal ingredients and traditional Scandinavian concepts. Logan will also be learning how to make raw beer, a minimal, hopless and non boiled style of brewing.

In Norway, brewers often use ingredients that are found in the region, such as tree bark, grass clippings, juniper branches and berries. Sometimes they even make juniper infused water before brewing with it. Eik & Tid produces many different styles of beer but specialize in showcasing traditional brewing methods from a time when people were making beer even when hops or proper ways of boiling water were not readily available.

Logan’s trip is funded by a $1200 scholarship he won from the MN Brewers Guild. He is the first recipient of a brewers guild scholarship who isn’t using the money for a class through a learning institution. He’s going straight to the source. His dream is to not only bring these brewing methods back to Minnesota, but also collaborate on a recipe with Eik & Tid. Stay tuned for Moments with Logan on the FINNEGANS Instagram story, where Logan will be checking in each day to show what he’s been up to and introduce us to the Eik & Tid team.

We wish Logan the best of luck on his journey. Cheers!


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