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August 26, 2014 10:14 am

Why kickstarter?

FINNEGANS Dead Irish Poet_Bottle1I have had a good few folks ask me why we at FINNEGANS are doing a Kickstarter and I thought it might be helpful to share our philosophy and intentions behind our first ever Kickstarter campaign.

First, here’s the context in which Kickstarter operates: organizations may only use Kickstarter to fundraise for non charitable activities. For us that means Kickstater can’t be used to directly support our social mission of turning beer into food. But we can use crowdsourcing through Kickstarter to make and package our new beer, the Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout, which multiples the good we can collectively do in our communities.

How does funding our new beer through Kickstarter help support local communities?

If you were not aware, we at FINNEGANS donate 100 percent of our profits (after paying our bills and salaries) to purchase produce from local farms that goes to local food shelves in the Midwest region. This social mission means we have limited funds available to expand our brand and increase beer sales through the creation of new beers. The funds we raise through Kickstarter will be used to pay for the beer formulation, ingredients, packaging, die plates and promotion of the new Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout. This will allow us to make more profit as a company, which will directly enable us to donate more back to supporting local farmers and feeding those in need.


I have been feeling especially concerned and feeling the need to do more after hearing the results of the recent Feeding America study on hunger. One in seven Americans has used a food shelf in the last year – that is over 46 million people. It is estimated that half of these folks are employed and that the largest growing segment using food shelves are military families and college students…I find this sad and unacceptable. We need to do more. All of us need to do more.


When you donate to our campaign you multiple the good we can all do in our communities because you are helping create a sustainable way to support those in need. As our brand continues to expand we are able to donate more and more. So please, support our mission and help us hit our $30,000 goal by September 8th by sharing our link www.deadirishpoet.com and by donating to help all of us do more to help those that don’t have enough food to eat in our communities.


We appreciate your support and whatever you can do to help us spread the word and reach our goal!


Thanks so much!!




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