Head Brewer Ryan’s November Beer Blog

November 1, 2018 9:04 am

Head Brewer Ryan’s November Beer Blog

November 2018

As the weather changes again. It always seems to change regularly month to month here in the Great North. This isn’t a weather report now on to the beer. We are getting excited for the bigger and bolder of our beers to start arriving to your glasses and pints. We have been busy lately brewing new and exciting beers to go into our ever-expanding Barrels of Life program. For the non-barrel aging beers, we have gotten started on a couple new ones we will be keeping under wraps till the December newsletter. Worth the wait non the less. A few new ones will be arriving on tap lines this month that I want to write to you about. There might be a couple old classics arriving this month as well. Now go get a beer, you’ve got some reading to do.


Brett Noel:

A dark Belgian style ale brewed with two strains of Brettanomyces and two forms of Lactobacillus to bring out more Funk and Tartness that we haven’t explored yet. This one is in stainless steel right now but the week of the 12th – 16th its going into Apple Brandy barrels to age for a whole year.


It’s German translation means “dark”. It’s a dark lager brewed with caramel like malts and noble hops. We are going to let this age cold for close to 45 days. Look for a late December release or early January.

Dead Irish Poet:

You have been asking for it. It is coming. Thanksgiving week it will return and not leave til next spring. We have been brewing some of to age in more fresh bourbon barrels because you will need to drink it at our Blow Out party of the year. 2019 St Paddy’s Day. FINNEGANS HOUSE 1st Anniversary.

Einer: Nordic Spiced Porter aged in Gin Barrels   8.5%ABV  (Releasing 11/14/18)

I hope I have made Jacquie proud with this one. We named it after her Swedish grandfather. It was brewed with some of the essential Nordic “spices” they use culinarily. Grains of Paradise, Lemon Peel, Juniper Berries and Honey. The honey is a MN buckwheat honey sourced by Ben Grout from our taproom. Ask him about it, he loves talking about bees. We sourced some Gin barrels that had previously also housed bourbon before and let it age for 5 months. It has hints of vanillin, red grape skin and an herbaceous quality that I am very fond of. 

Biere de Noel: Spiced Belgian Ale aged in Apple Brandy Barrels 9.0%ABV (Releasing 11/21/18)

This beer was brewed in early June with coriander, grapefruit peel and star anise. Its dark and warming that the neighbors to our East(WI) will love. I hear they like Brandy. You get flavors of black licorice and chocolate. Heavy aromas of Apple Brandy and stone fruit. It’s intense in all it’s beautiful dark brown to black color. I know it comes out the day before thanksgiving but hey Noel does start for a lot of people way before November anyways.

Also look for taproom favorite Tile Factory Mosiac IPA out in the market for the first time as we kick off the 12th annual Drink Like You Care campaign!

– Ryan


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