2018 FINNtern Blog

November 30, 2018 2:58 pm

The mix of college students and recent graduates advancing our mission of turning beer into food.

Contributor: Carson Kaskel 11/30/18


Did you know that FINNEGANS has an internship program? Our internships are designed to be learning experiences, where each FINNtern has the chance to grow as a leader, build meaningful relationships, and develop strong skills in their fields—while helping to advance our mission of turning beer into food. We’re excited to introduce our newest team of FINNterns, a mix of college students and recent graduates who are passionate, talented and uniquely cut out for their respective roles. We look forward to the awesome work our FINNterns will be doing over the next few months, so let’s meet the team:


Leanne Adamsky, Market FINNtern

Leanne is a senior at the University of Minnesota studying Agricultural Communication and Marketing. She is currently planning the 2019 FINNEGANS Farmers Market to help provide fresh and local food to the Elliot Park neighborhood. Leanne wants to gain experience planning farmers markets, while also being part of a unique company wanting to do good, which sounds like a match made in barrel-aged heaven! Through her internship, Leanne hopes to learn more about solving world food problems, while gaining deeper insights into running local farmers markets more effectively. She’s also looking forward to trying more beer and working in a fun work environment. When she’s not FINNterning, you can find Leanne at the dog park or visiting a local coffee shop. If she could have a beer with anyone, Leanne chooses Michelle Obama, “she is such an inspiring woman who is doing incredible work to give back to those in need.”


Mark Jackman, Nonprofit Management FINNtern

Mark is a senior at the University of St. Thomas studying Supply Chain Management. He works with Finnegans Community Fund management operations and is busy crunching numbers to help show the impact FINNEGANS has had in the community. Mark hopes to gain valuable experience, build relationships and find networking opportunities in a fun work environment. His favorite part about being a FINNtern is the real life applications he’s encountered so far. When he’s not FINNterning, you can find mark playing Fortnite, riding motorcycles, and travelling around, finding the hidden gems of Minnesota. If he could get a beer with anyone, Mark chooses Mac Miller, “mainly to pick his brain.”


Justine Anderson, Social Media & Online Communications FINNtern

Justine graduated from Winona State University in May of 2018 with a degrees in Public Relations and Spanish. She’s responsible for running online engagement about events and beer, as well as creating our newsletter. She enjoys FINNEGANS and is excited to be part of its increasing success and expansion. She hopes to gain an insider perspective on how a business runs its online strategy and daily operations. She looks forward to building FINNEGANS’ online presence so that more people can see the great work being done at the brewery. When she’s not FINNterning, you can find Justine at any concert that’s not metal or bluegrass. If she could get a beer with anyone, Justine chooses Ilana Glazer, “she would enlighten me while making me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe.”


Carson Kaskel, Media & Blog FINNtern

Carson graduated from the University of Minnesota in December of 2017 with degrees in Strategic Communication and Sociology. He’s responsible for designing taproom posters, photographing events, and writing this very blog. He joined FINNEGANS because of their commitment to fighting hunger and being one of the only breweries with a mission of doing social good. He hopes to gain experience with design and video production as well as networking with a group of people who are making a positive impact in their community. He appreciates how there is always something to be done and plans on not being bored at any point during his FINNternship. When he’s not FINNterning, you can find Carson playing music or traveling the world doing photography. If he could get a beer with anyone, Carson chooses Eric Andre, “he’s one of the most brilliant comedians of our time”


Miles Peterson, Taproom Event Marketing & Volunteer Engagement Coordinator FINNtern

Miles is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls studying Business Marketing & Sales. Unlike our other FINNterms, Miles has been at FINNEGANS for 6 months. He loves the company message and likes beer too, so it’s a win win for him. He wants a firm grasp on the world of marketing and sales as he’s going into it. His favorite part about being a FINNtern is working with the team. He’s most looking forward to eating 15 tacos while dancing to the YMCA, so stay tuned for that at a future taproom event. When he’s not FINNterning, you can find Miles at the local steel mill. If he could get a beer with anyone, Miles chooses Tony Stark, “cause he’s a straight balla.”


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