FINNspire Contest Winner: Colin S!

November 19, 2012 6:38 pm

  FINNspire Contest Winner: Colin S!  Last month we asked you to tell us who FINNspired you for a chance to win FINNEGANS for a year! All of our entries […]


FINNspire Contest Winner: Colin S! 

Last month we asked you to tell us who FINNspired you for a chance to win FINNEGANS for a year! All of our entries were deserving of a prize, but we were faced with the tough task of choosing just one. Congratulations to Colin S! His FINNspiration happens to be named Finnegan too!

Meet Finnegan, Colin’s 10-year-old son. We think he’s a pretty righteous dude, and not just because his principal calls him the “Ferris Bueller” of his school! Here’s what Colin had to say about Finn:

“For 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my funny, friendly, red-haired son Finnegan grow up. He often tells people, ‘I’m named after my dad’s favorite beer,’ because he knows that’s more colorful than the truth. Finn inherited his Irish grandma’s maiden name, along with her husband’s wit.

Some kids try too hard to be funny, and they often come off as annoying. Not Finn. Whether it’s a well-timed roll of his eye and a wink, or a fedora and fake moustache to start the day, or a wry observation of life that’s beyond his years and beyond hilarious, Finn is simply inherently humorous. Yet, despite my admiration for his keen sense of humor, it’s his kindness to others and his consideration of classmates that warms my heart the most.

‘You know, we all call him the Ferris Bueller of our school.’ I didn’t. But when Finn’s elementary school principal shared that insight with me, I assumed the comparison to the iconic wise-cracking, school-skipping student was based on my son’s carefree and fun-loving attitude. Instead, the compliment was rooted in inclusion.

‘He runs in and out of every social group in this school,’ the principal explained. ‘And he’s a friend to everyone . . . the popular kids, the shy kids, the athletes and the mathletes. I’ll walk down the hall and see him associating with a different group of students than the day before. I used to shake my head and smile. Now I just know that’s Finn, being a friend to everyone.’ Finn’s assistant principal agrees.

‘I observed something today with Finnegan and thought I’d pass it along,’ he wrote in a recent e-mail. ‘We have a new student in 5th grade that has really struggled with connecting with peers. It’s been a tough transition for him to say the least. Today, as I was walking out to the playground with a group of kids, I saw Finnegan encourage this student to join his activity as they walked. The student had a huge grin as Finnegan led the way. It was intentional. It’s great to see kids take the initiative to include others, especially at his age. Tell him to keep being awesome!’

Just like the FINNEGANS brand, Finn is charitable, has great taste, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. In a world that’s all too familiar with bullying, cruelty and the exchange of unkind words, I think we all can learn a lesson from a considerate fifth-grader who simply wants to make sure everyone is happy, getting along and having a good time. From his peers, to his principals, to his parents, Finnegan is a true FINNspiration to us all.”

So we’d like to extend a big FINNEGANS “Congratulations!” to Colin and Finnegan! Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for helping to make the world a more FINNspiring place!


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