December Brewer’s Log: Foodie Edition

December 3, 2020 11:53 am

Who needs a change of pace? Who has seen the movie Groundhog Day? I keep working to get beer into your homes to make it a little bit more tolerable. […]

Who needs a change of pace? Who has seen the movie Groundhog Day? I keep working to get beer into your homes to make it a little bit more tolerable. I want to change this month’s brewer’s log up on you. How about a food-focused one? I guess you don’t have much of a choice…. 

I feel FINNEGANS’ beer goes with everything. Our classic Irish Amber has a connection to corned beef, and Tile Factory IPA has a crush on goat cheese omelets. If you have a deep fryer at home,  make some fries and brown gravy, and buy some cheese curds and bacon. Poutine should be on your docket to make, love, and repeat alongside our Rescue & Recharge American Lager.

Here are some of my ideas for food and beer pairings, other than the three I just laid out for you. For these pairings, come by our taproom (for curbside pickup) for growlers and 750s, or grab 6- and 12-packs from your favorite liquor store. Put on your foodie pants and aprons. It is time to gulp and feast.

Both My Little Rose and Zita 750ml would go great with mussels, sage, and onion in a brown butter and white wine sauce. If you have not cooked mussels before, give it a shot. You can do it.

Oakedtoberfest 750ml or Oktoberfest growlers would be amazing with sauerkraut and sausages. It may be winter in the frozen Midwest, but there’s no snow on the ground. Get outside and fire up the grill for brats or polish with some potatoes and kraut. 

East Town Pilsner growlers can be worked into your before-dinner snack. Get a loaf of sourdough or make one yourself. Crust it up in a pan, and bake some garlic heads and a small wheel of Brie, then spread away. The grassy bite of the Czech Saaz hops in East Town will be a great pairing. 

Biere de Noel 750ml and beef stew are a fine duo. Enough said.

Pumpkin Flanders, 2nd Cerise, Dreamland, and Aronia 750ml are brews to add to your dessert menu. Enjoy them with homemade cookies, pies, and pastries. The Belgian style ales I brewed could be your most deserved dessert, but if you add a baked good with them, even better.

Avena Oatmeal Stout, Dead Irish Poet, and BA Baltic Porter growlers can help improve any soup. How about trying your hand at making a potato and leek soup with bacon crumbles? The heaviness of the dark ales along with the starchy and creaminess of the soup will make your taste buds say thank you. (I did this just two nights ago with Avena and it was delicious.)

Greyhound Gose, Black Currant Sour, and Rhubarb Gold growlers would be spectacular to counterbalance the richness of the classic midwestern dish of mushroom gravy with pork chops and rice. Put on a movie and enjoy a sour with this belly filler, and revel in the fact that winter is here. So what if you put on a couple of pounds? It’ll help keep you warm 

These are just a few ideas I have for you to pair with our beer. The quarantine chef in all of us can make just about anything. 

Drink, eat, love, spread joy, repeat. We will get through this. I’ll keep up my end of our bargain by continuing to brew delicious beer, you keep up your end by drinking it. Happy holidays you filthy animals (that’s a Home Alone reference for ya).


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