Our Partner:  Feeding South Dakota

Feeding South Dakota LogoThe combined forces of the Feeding South Dakota food pantries in Sioux Falls and Rapid City serves over 65,000 people individually each year, and provides food for 100,000 people elsewhere across the state.  Among these people that Feeding South Dakota helps, about half of them are children and infants.  In 2009 Feeding South Dakota distributed 9.4 million pounds of food. Feeding South Dakota’s food pantries have continued to grow their BackPack Program which since 2010 have served 5,050 kids a week during the school year.

Hunger in South Dakota

Today in South Dakota there are about 115,613 people living in poverty, which means right now 1 in every 7 individuals in South Dakota lives at or below the poverty line. Of that number, children make up around 30% of individuals living in poverty.  About 92,220 individuals in South Dakota are food insecure and of these, 39% are ineligible to receive aid from the federal SNAP (food stamp) program.  This means that food shelves are their only hope for a good meal for them and their families.

Elderly poverty rates, about 10%, have been a problem nationwide as it is difficult for them living on a fixed income.  In 2010 South Dakota food pantries served 2,743 elderly individuals, with expansion allowing for an extra 1,100 more seniors able to be provided with nutritious food catered to their specific needs.



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