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  1. February Brewer’s Log: Pulling Copper

    February 4, 2021

    February. The cold weather is setting in for that final push of winter. Then greener grass will be just around the corner. Things might also be getting greener as St. Patrick’s Day is looming. If you didn’t already know, we are pretty busy this time of year, brewing for that oh-so-special day. This month, I’m starting it off with a new beer that’s exclusive to the taproom. It packs its punches with all the other IPAs. I have brewed it with a little less alcohol, so finishing off the growler in one fell swoop won’t ruin your next morning.  Pulling…
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  2. December Brewer’s Log: Foodie Edition

    December 3, 2020

    Who needs a change of pace? Who has seen the movie Groundhog Day? I keep working to get beer into your homes to make it a little bit more tolerable. I want to change this month’s brewer’s log up on you. How about a food-focused one? I guess you don’t have much of a choice….  I feel FINNEGANS’ beer goes with everything. Our classic Irish Amber has a connection to corned beef, and Tile Factory IPA has a crush on goat cheese omelets. If you have a deep fryer at home,  make some fries and brown gravy, and buy some cheese curds and bacon. Poutine should be…
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  3. November Brewer’s Log

    November 1, 2020

    The Brewer’s Log: A Note From Ryan Brew, cellar, package, repeat. The month of November is upon us. Getting everything out for you in October was fun. Now that the snow has fallen, dark beers are needed to warm up our bellies and spirits. As we all have come to know, a great lager can also set the tone for nights spent inside with loved ones. Be it at dinner, watching the latest streaming show or movie, or shuffling out six cards a time to finally beat your Mom at cribbage…sadly, virtually. Nonetheless, a cold beer can bring us all together and lift…
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  4. 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    October 30, 2020

      FINNEGANS Brew Co. Gift Cards Available for purchase at the taproom or
    online for pickup.  Get the gift of choice!       A Moveable (beer) Feast As our parties take new forms when staying-in, we’ve created the perfect Moveable (beer) feast to make things more festive for your household.  From our newest, Avena Oatmeal Stout, to expanded growler fill options, the November Feast Tote is perfect to pair with your next meal.  A  branded tulip glass for each person, and a growler to split.  Choose the size that…
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