Brewer’s Log: May Edition

May 5, 2020 3:03 pm

As the world has tentatively shut down due to the Corona virus, FINNEGANS Brew Co. has been considered essential. The front doors have been shuttered. We can’t have pints with […]

As the world has tentatively shut down due to the Corona virus, FINNEGANS Brew Co. has been considered essential. The front doors have been shuttered. We can’t have pints with friends in the taproom, or on the back patio as our weather has turned into spring with warm days and pleasant evenings. We really want you here with us, but with what Governor Walz has laid out for us admirably, we will listen and await his guidance. The few of us still in the brewery have been hard at work to present you many new beers for purchase curbside at the taproom and at the liquor stores who have kept their doors open for you to enjoy our hard work. For those of you shut in your humble abodes, we have beers aplenty for you. I usually talk about two major ones I am excited about, but with this May 2020 version, I am bringing you four! Two that just shipped out last week to all our major distributors in our 3rd Fan Pack, and two which will be available for the taproom soon. Gitty Up!


Blood Orange Pilsner  6.0 ABV 35 IBU

This is the 3rd version of one of our taproom favorites. This time, on day two, we fermented the pilsner on over 600 pounds of blood orange puree to lend its pleasant orange and grapefruit flavors meld into the brew. Completely crushable for being a little higher in ABV, but a wonderful beer to drink while grilling or just enjoying yourself while watching the trees finally bud after their cold slumber.

Kicked To The Herb Hemp Pale Ale  5.5 ABV 45 IBU

Bringing back this beer from last summer is a treat to say the least. Brewed with hemp seeds from MN Hemp Growers and large doses of malted red and white wheat along with Citra, Chinook, Cascade and local Zenia hops from Mighty Axe hops. Slightly bitter and grassy on the nose and tongue. Pine and resin linger throughout. Delicious and hard to stop drinking.

Red Cloak  Tattersall Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Belgian Red Ale  7.1 ABV 19IBU

We brewed this gem last December after talking to the guys at Tattersall about getting the barrels. The base of the beer was straight from a trappist monks recipe book. We let it ferment at a higher temperature to bring out the esters of the yeast to impart the Belgian flavor to the barrels and filled them up to sit for 14 weeks. The ending result was in my own words, “Brilliant!” The smooth mouthfeel and large amounts of oak and vanillin from the Minnesota white oak rejuvenated the tongue. This is a show stopper. We will be tapping this in the coming weeks, and will be available for growlers in the taproom.

Dreamland  Chardonnay Barrel aged Brett Saison     9.1 ABV 15 IBU

This has been a “dream” beer for me to create for quite some time. Brewed with all pilsner malt and Czech Saaz and French Strisselsplatz hops then fermented with Saison Dupont yeast strain. After three days of fermentation, I added Brettanomyces Lambicus, which produces a very cherry pie like character and a funky wild yeast aroma and flavor. Then I put it into Chardonnay barrels to rest for 14 months to let the vinous quality of the barrels, and the sweetness of the sweet white grapes lend themselves to the beer. Clocking in at 9.1 ABV, she is a sipper to be enjoyed and savored. I am very proud of this one. Dreamland is our fourth installment from our Barrels of Life series in 2020. These bottles will be available to purchase at the taproom starting May 13th.

That is May for FINNEGANS. I hope you are as excited as I am about our new beers. Get out into the sunshine and get some growlers and bottles from us here in Minneapolis. Jared, Daron and I are hard at work here trying to help with your time in quarantine. Here’s to doing good and drinking good in these uncertain times.


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