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October 1, 2018 4:20 pm

Head Brewer Ryan’s October Beer Blog

The Summer winds have died off and Fall has quickly taken over our day to day lives. The weather is colder, hoodies are finally starting to come out of the closet and flannels are Logan and I’s daily repertoire. Up here in Minneapolis, we have been making sure our Barrels of Life Series for 2019 has begun to be brewed and planned. Coming to the tanks soon and ones that are ready for their barrels are coming to fruition. Grain is here, yeast is arriving and more barrels should be arriving soon. Here what we have been up to.


Biere de Mars:

This lightly hopped and heavy wheat beer has been placed into its five-month slumber in newly arrived Blackberry Whiskey barrels. It was a hit last year so I thought we should bring it back as I was able to source the same barrels this year as I did last.


Logan got his first shot at a Barrels of Life brew. We brought in a Belgian yeast strain and he brewed a blonde based ale. If you didn’t know Logan is obsessed with fruit. Fruit in beer, fruit in cider, the half of his freezer is just bags of frozen fruit. After two weeks of fermenting, we placed the beer into Blackberry whiskey barrels and added 450 pounds of Aronia berries to the barrels. Next years summer release. If you like tart, funky, fruity barrel aged beer this one will be right up your alley.


Old Man Lager:

An unfiltered traditional German lager. Enough said. You’re welcome,  Jesse.


Pumpkin Flanders:

Our attempt at a Flanders style ale. We teamed up with Brown Family Farms and got five bushels of MN pie pumpkins, smashed them up with hammers and baseball bats and threw them into our lauter tun with our grain bed. The pumpkins will enhance the mouthfeel of the beer and added a little sugar to the wort for fermentation. We chose a special strain for this beer which takes up to eighteen months to completely finish out. We will be aging this in oak barrels starting in November 2018 and I am assuming it will be ready in May of 2020. Sorry to tell you about this now but hey that’s what we are brewing.


Biere de Miel

I hope you have found a theme in the Barrels of Life series. This ale was brewed with a very heavy dose of unmalted white wheat malt and 250 LBS of local dark Autumn harvest honey from Bone Lake Meadows apiary. It is going to place in American oak barrels the first week October to be ready for you to drink in May 2019. For those who didn’t know Miel stands for honey.


Back just in time for the cool weather,

FINNEGANS Beers Near You:

There are new and returning beers that can be found at liquor stores:

Dead Irish Poet: Oh yes, it’s back. One of our fan favorites, Dead Irish Poet extra stout, is starting to make it’s return to your favorite bars and liquor stores. Available for the first time in 12oz cans 6pks. Containing a smooth roasted quality with dark chocolate and stone fruit notes this extra stout comes in at a smooth 7%. This extra stout with a delicious dark side is perfect for a night at the pub or an Irish Wake.


Brim Reaper Rye IPA: 

A 7% IPA brewed with 10% Rye malt which incorporates a spicy and dry characteristic then hopped with a heavy dose of Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade, and Falconers Flight hops which give off a rich bitterness and the aroma of papaya, tangerine, passion fruit, lemon and heavy tropical and citrus notes. Available in 12oz 6pks, on tap at your local bar and at the FINNEGANS taproom.


Running with Axes:

A fresh hop Pale Ale brewed exclusively with Minnesota grown fresh hops from Mighty Axe Hops has entered the market!

Over 150LBS of hops per batch of Centennial and Cascade hops were hand-picked just days before brewing the beer. Clocking in at 5.5% ABV available in 12oz 4packs at liquor stores and on tap only for a limited time. So get it while it’s fresh!


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