August Beer Log

July 31, 2019 11:33 am

We keep the cold beer a flowing for what can be hot days and nights. $8 growlers pour on Fridays, and bands are starting to be booked on a regular […]

We keep the cold beer a flowing for what can be hot days and nights. $8 growlers pour on Fridays, and bands are starting to be booked on a regular basis so come by have a pint, two, or three, jam out, and enjoy Logan and my hard work. You deserve it! Hell, I think we all do. X-Games are approaching again this year over at US Bank Stadium, and the long awaited Saintly Light is finally going on tap. Football pre-season games are quickly approaching, and the Twins hopefully maintain their lead in the Central to take the division championship.

What do we have cooking? Lots in fact. Lagers, lagers, lagers. These precious beauties take their sweet time. We need to prepare, and make sure they have aged and are tasting the way we think you would enjoy. Dead Irish Poet is soon to be available at US Bank and TCF Bank stadiums in 16oz cans, nonetheless. We are gearing up to brew Running with Axes again, but with a different formulation, and it will be available in 16 oz cans. Mighty Axe says their crop is going great this year and we couldn’t be more excited! As for the barrels they are living, breathing, and doing their jobs. My Little Rose is coming back again in October, and November brings a new and delicious brew which you’ll find out more about in October. For this month’s installment I would like to talk about this year’s Oktoberfest, and yet another collaboration.

Oktoberfest  5.3% ABV  21 IBU

The Marzen of my dreams. This time of year has always been one of my favorites. Rich malty lagers to quench the end of summer weather. Clean, crisp, delicious. I feel like though our Oktoberfest may change slightly every year (as it should), we can recreate last years’ wonder. We took a north eastern Bavarian approach to the beer. We included Pilsner malt this year and a 7% addition of malted white wheat to give the beer a little more body and a softer mouth feel. Still with a heavy dose of German and Czech hops to give it a floral and noble aroma. We also used less crystal malts this year to decrease the color and to have this Bavarian style lager delight, dry out more. We will be tapping this September 2nd. Come one, come all and don’t forget your steins and pretzels.


Unnamed Collaboration (Buck-O-5)  6.1% ABV 38 IBU

Have you heard of Invictus Brewing? I sure hope so. These guys, Bradley and Paul, are awesome. They love our beers, as we do theirs, and approached us to do a collaboration. I had an American Lager strain on hand and we came up with what would become our idea. This will not be your typical lager. It’s going to be hoppy. It’s going to have mine and Bradley’s favorite hop in it, Nelson Sauvin; a New Zealand hop that smells of white wine, goose berries, and fresh cut grapes. Then we also decided why not also put in Hallertau Blanc hops; a German variety that is the daughter of Cascade. It too smells of goose berries, grass, and Sauvignon blanc wine. Wine aroma forward lager. Winner, winner, wine pairing dinner! An American Pale Lager. When this beauty finishes out, we are also going to dry hop it with these two hops. It will be glorious. Look for it at our FINNNtoberfest party on September 14th.

That’s what we have been up to! Busy with friends, family, beer fests, brewing Irish Fair and State Fair beers, and most of all Lagers. Come see us when you can.  We will keep the beer cold, your job is to make sure you drink it before it gets warm.   -Ryan


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