FINNEGANS Board of Inspiration

Jacquie Berglund – CEO of FINNEGANS

Liz Sjaastad – Founder of Reflective Action Consulting; Director at Andcor Companies

Buffie Blesi – President, Franchisee and Business Coach at KnowledgeSphere Inc. dba AdviCoach

Jeff Prouty – Chairman and Founder at The Prouty Project; Board of Inspiration at FINNEGANS

Jeanne M Voigt – President at VoigtWorks (Sole Proprietorship); President at Jeanne M Voigt Foundation; Board of Inspiration at FINNEGANS

Kent Lillemoe – Independent Venture Capital & Private Equity Professional; Consulting CFO; Board of Inspiration at FINNEGANS

Bob Hammond – Board of Inspiration at FINNEGANS


FINNEGANS Community Fund Board

Wendy Helgeson – Co-Founder, Civic Source, Inc.

Benjamin J. Johnson – Director of Food Operations, Union Gospel Mission

Patrick D. Kerrigan – Program Coordinator, Emergency Foodshelf Network

Mary C. Maurice – Chief Builder, Scaffolding Partners







Kari L. Niedfeldt-Thomas – Foundation Manager/Social Responsibility, The Mosiac Company

Christopher T. Seitz – Chief Operations Officer, KidWind Project

Jeff Urban (Board Chair) – Recruiting Manager, Solution Design Group

Angie Skildum – Research and Policy Director, Family Housing Fund

Thomas J. Whelan – EVP/COO, Nemer Fieger

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