9th Annual DLYC blog

October 30, 2015 4:59 pm

2015 marks the 9th annual Drink Like You Care campaign for FINNEGANS.

DLYC 2015_Table Tent_World PeaceIt’s that time of year again.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Drink Like You Care is when we ask our beer distribution partners to match our donations during the months of November and December so consumers like you can drink the same FINNEGANS Irish Amber, Blonde Ale and back again this winter the Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout but know that donations are DOUBLED! So, it’s DOUBLE giving during the holiday months, our favorite FINNEGANS holiday tradition.

This is indeed our 9th year, but it is our first year with Iowa on board. We are hoping with this newest addition it will help us reach and surpass our $25,000 Drink Like You Care goal!

Every year we try and think of what we are going to do during this great FINNEGANS tradition, something big? something new? but with so many new things in the queue , we thought it would be a great chance to take a step back and appreciate the core of amazing people around us.

IMG_7322Just recently we found out our pro-bono ad agency, Martin|Williams, won the Hub Cup for the FINNEGANS Reverse Food Truck!  [Read Angie’s blog on the Hub Cup here] Going up against nationally and internationally acclaimed name brands the idea of doing good differently took home the cup (literally, we took home a cup). We are continually inspired by the genuine and hardworking creative heads over at M|W. Working with people that believe in what we believe, surrounding ourselves with good people, this is what FINNEGANS wants to share this holiday season.

TeamFINNEGANS, and everyone who purchases a pint or 6 pack of FINNEGANS: You are incredible and your support makes our giving possible. We raise our pints to you! This year, we want to do more than raise a pint. We want to give you free FINNEGANS for a year and encourage you to get together with those around you, those you care about, your inspirational core. Whether you’re team-bonding with co-workers and throw in the Dead Irish Poet in your chili for the office pot luck or hosting a holiday get-together with friends and family and a sampler pack to share. Even Instagram-ing and tweeting the artsy shot of the empty FINNEGANS bottles using the Rise filter, who knows, it could win you beer for a year for you and your friends…!

We hope that memories and laughter can be made surrounded by good people over a FINNEGANS or two this holiday season.







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