2019 FINNtern Blog

January 23, 2019 10:48 am

The mix of college students and recent graduates advancing our mission of turning beer into food.

Contributor: Carson Kaskel 1/23/19


Did you know that FINNEGANS has an internship program? Our internships are designed to be learning experiences, where each FINNtern has the chance to grow as a leader, build meaningful relationships, and develop strong skills in their fields—while helping to advance our mission of turning beer into food. We’re excited to introduce our newest FINNtern, Kyrie!

Kyrie Maloney, Social Enterprise FINNtern

Kyrie is a junior at the University of Minnesota studying Product Design and Entrepreneurial Management. Kyrie is responsible for utilizing resources and managing memberships in the Brewer’s Den and will be pursuing more projects as the semester goes on. She hopes to learn about an impactful nonprofit first hand while also helping FINNEGANS run more efficiently. Her goal is to gain more experience with event planning and coordination between FINNEGANS and its members, “the best user experience for members creates better outreach within the community.” Kyrie looks forward to participating in social events, as well as meeting and working with all the people that make FINNEGANS a reality. Having danced for over 18 years, you’ll likely find Kyrie at the dance studio in her free time. If she could get a beer with anyone, Kyrie would have a round with Elon Musk. “He is such an inspiring innovator and I would like to learn from his passion.”


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