2015 Spring FINNterns

February 27, 2015 1:31 pm

Like every successful business that gives 100% of profits to feeding the hungry, it takes a team to keep these goals possible and running. Part of this team is known […]

Like every successful business that gives 100% of profits to feeding the hungry, it takes a team to keep these goals possible and running. Part of this team is known as our FINNterns.  From social media, events, communication to  sales analysis and data collection, our teams have their hand in everything!  We’ve gotten FINNterns from Twin Cities colleges and universities like St. Thomas, The U of M, Carlson, Macalester, St. Kates, and St. Johns. These bright students get real, hands on experience working with a social entrepreneurship, as well as excellent networking opportunities with professionals all over the Twin Cities.

Meet the Spring 2015 FINNterns!


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Cheers fellow do-gooders and beer lovers, my name is Katie, I am a recent graduate of the University of St. Thomas, with a major in Justice and Peace studies and a minor in Marketing. I am currently a social media, events and whatever needs to be done FINNtern. You see my voice sometimes on the FINNEGANS social media sites and website. I started here at FINNEGANS in late September and have had such an unique and awesome experience so far!  I have found that FINNEGANS is such a fast pace and exiting place to be. Something is always going on, they are always looking for ways to give more and be more.  I have truly enjoyed my time here and excited to see what else I will learn and be able to help with. I was drawn here by their commitment to the community. My first experience with FINNEGANS was volunteering to pour beer at the Canterbury Beer Festival!

Something fun about me, my dad and I had the same freshman dorm room at UST, about 30 years apart!  Also I am an aspiring cat lady….truly its going to be a problem.

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This is Anna, she is currently a Junior at the University of St. Thomas, (we tommies are all over the place) majoring in Communication with a minor in Psychology. Also starting this semester she is the Brand Engagement FINNtern, keeping up with social media and helping out with lots of our events. A lot of her focus will be organizing a big part of our involvement at the Irish Fair! I’m sure you will be seeing her voice all over our social media site as well.
Anna’s first experience with FINNEGANS was during a conversation with her family about the different craft beers she was trying during her time abroad, and her mom mentioned FINNEGANS and her brother asking about the Reverse Food Truck. After researching FINNEGANS and having the beer for the first time she was hooked! She says, “I wanted to intern with FINNEGANS to get a chance to be a part of an awesome organization that makes it so easy to feel good about drinking beer!”Something fun about Anna, she made it to 8 different countries in 4 months when she studied abroad in Rome, Italy in the fall of 2014. She says she can’t wait to get back out there and see more of the world!

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ethanEthan is a Senior at the University of Minnesota, he is majoring in Finance. He just started with FINNEGANS this February as the RFT (Reverse Food Truck) Operations FINNtern. The RFT will become his baby during his time here, he is in charge of organizing and coordinating all events for the RFT.  Where ever the RFT is he and partner in action Gabby, will be too, showing off the truck and help gathering donations. Make sure to go up and say hi anytime you see the truck!

When asked why he wanted to be apart of the FINNEGANS team he said,  “I wanted to intern with FINNEGANS because I wanted to give back to the community, work in a small business and work for a beer company.” His first experience with FINNEGANS was on his roommates 21st birthday.  They went to The Local for brunch and ordered the chef’s special sandwich with a couple rounds of FINNEGANS Irish Amber.

Fun fact about Ethan, he has been to Lollapalooza 8 years in a row and counting!




Gabby is an exchange student from Brazil, for the Spring 2015 semester she is attending Carlson School of Management at the U of M.  Back home she is a senior, studying Business with a major in Finance.  Gabby is a fresh face to the FINNEGANS team, starting just this February as the Reverse Food Truck Brand Engagement FINNtern. Ethan and Gabby will be the RFT power team this semester. Make sure too look for them anyplace the RFT is parked!

Gabby was introduced to FINNEGANS through a friend at Carlson. When she found out that FINNEGANS truly gives 100% of profits to feeding the hungry, she was fascinated with the impact a company could have in society. The more she researched the more she knew she had to be involved. Being able to be part of a team that impacts people in such a positive way, was what drew her to becoming a FINNtern.

Something to know about Gabby, she is Brazilian and the self-proclaimed “worst soccer player ever”!

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Claire comes to us from the University of St. Thomas, she is a senior majoring in Psychology. This semester Claire is the Media support FINNtern, meaning she is glue that hold the office together. She will be helping out with a variety of media related tasks, from designing sell sheets to making sure that materials are available online and in the office.

Claire was drawn to FINNEGANS because she and FINNEGANS have a common passion for great beer and healthy communities. Being able to give back with a product that tastes good and does good.  Claire was first introduced to FINNEGANS from her dad, who is a huge fan of our beer and mission.

Fun fact about Claire, she studied abroad last spring in Copenhagen, Denmark and was lucky enough to visit 10 countries during her time there!

There you have it, these are the 2015 Spring FINNterns, you will be seeing their faces all over FINNEGANS so make sure to come say hi and talk with us about our time here!

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