2014 MS150 Jersey Signups

March 12, 2014 5:35 pm

HERE THEY ARE, YOUR 2014 MS150 Jersey orders!

Back for our 4th year, we can’t wait to have our growing team out on the trail in our newest FINNEGANS bike jerseys! As always, this jersey is not necessary to ride on our team, we are happy to have you on our team in any jersey of your choosing! BUT if you are interested in purchasing a FINNEGANS jersey, just know, that only the people that are riding in our 2015 Team FINNEGANS team are the ONLY people that will get a chance to own this jersey. Yeah, that’s right people, limited edition for team members only.

Another big THANK YOU to our pro-bono partner, Martin|Williams for designing these sleek suits.




FINNEGANS  Sport Jersey: $58

FINNEGANS Shorts: $70

*Please note: you do NOT have to buy a jersey or bib to ride on our team. However, you DO need to be ON our team to purchase a jersey.



  1. Find your jersey and bib size from the size chart.  Click here to view the size chart.
  2. Order your jersey through our Paypal button below.
  3. Any questions or issues? Email Angie at angie@finnegans.org




Whether you buy a jersey, bib or both we do ask for your word on keeping this site within the FINNEGANS team. We hope that with this exclusivity, you are proud to join TeamFINNEGANS and represent a team that does good in multiple ways.


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