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November 6, 2015 11:15 am

A little over a month ago, Jacquie asked if I’d like to go to New York and accept an award for the RFT. I promptly asked if I had to give a speech. She said maybe but Martin|Williams will be there as well and I said okay.

Fast forward to a rainy New York, I’m getting out of a cab with Tom Moudry (M|W CCO) , Laura Terry( M|W CMO) and Steve Casey (M|W VP/Group Creative Director) and entering The Hub Live filled with advertising gurus from near and far. Winners were being announced for the Bronze division, Silver division and the Gold division. Almost every other winner was a name I recognized- Mike’s Hard Mike Hacks , 5 Gum Truth or Dare, Arby’s Smokin Hot Brisket, Share a Coke campaign. I think that’s when the nerves really kicked in. I knew the Reverse Food Truck was the first of its kind, a real innovative idea, but it beat out Share a Coke?! #IsThisRealLife

IMG_7319 IMG_7321

When they announced the Hub Cup winner , they started with the RFT case study video (see below) that Martin|Williams entered. As I watched it, I couldn’t believe that it had already been over 2 years since this idea came to fruition and what it had become of today. Looking back at it now it’s still unreal that I was a part of this incredible team from the beginning.

Some of my favorite memories include:

  • 10444626_10152412646357551_3742122223273436747_nThe month of February 2014; all of it. In 28 days we heard the original pitch from brilliant M|W, Jacquie agreed to purchase the truck with no breaks, worked with generous local vendors that brought it to life and we collected our first donations, even after we “closed shop”.
  • Seeing the sparks of interest light up across social media, local and national press (Look Ma, I made it to MPR!)
  • Backing the RFT into parking spaces like a pro (and seeing peoples faces when I do it in one try)
  •  Seeing other RFTs pop up across the Nation- also to be able to say that I have sourced an RFT with a months timeline TWICE (note: add “experience in sourcing RFT” to LinkedIn)
  • Reading the judges’ comments at the Hub Live (honestly, so cool)IMG_7458


The Hub Prize has always been about ideas that not only build brands but that also makes a difference in the daily lives of the people who engage with those brands.


At M|W, they go for 20-ton ideas. An idea so big, it moves people to change their perceptions and their habits. I think the Reverse Food Truck was one of their most literal 20-ton ideas they had ever come up with. From originality to engagement to making a media splash with positive impact numbers, they hit everything on a high note. None of this would’ve been possible without the brilliant team behind this ingenious idea. From the fearless creative heads to the tireless coders, copywriters & graphic gurus and everyone in between over at M|W, you can tell they all cared and were just as excited as we were for the whole ride. Now I can’t go on unless I throw in some more shout-outs to the people that knew the truck before it was green: Luke Derheim (Stanley’s NE Barroom), Mark (Maaco Mpls), Mark (Chameleon Concessions), Reggie (TMG) and Christian Weinhagen (Weinhagen Tires) to our pioneering RFT FINNterns Maggie and Jake that set the pace for future RFT FINNterns. And of course, I have to give a nod to my boss (and FINNEGANS) for being so open to such an innovative and cool idea. But that’s what FINNEGANS is all about, doing good differently.

I often forget not everyone has a job that they can say they love, M|W is a key example on why I tend to forget. At FINNEGANS, we’ve done a great job of surrounding ourselves with good and genuine people. Everyone from our volunteers to the people we work with. And without a doubt I can say that M|W is a true testament of this.

The Reverse Food truck is an incredible example of innovative brand experience and I totally stand behind the 27 judges in saying that this is Hub Cup worthy. I feel honored to be a part of this RFT team and can’t thank Martin|Williams and FINNEGANS enough for this opportunity.


And for those of you following at home… with a little help from liquid courage, I got up on stage, nailed the thank you speech and celebrated like any other cup winning team would’ve.




To read M|W’s press release on winning the Hub Cup please click here.


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