16 Has Never Tasted So Sweet

May 11, 2016 11:33 am

Featuring Guest Blogger Patty Morrissey, FINNEGANS’ Corporate Storyteller

Birthday Brew

Many enter into a love affair with FINNEGANS, but the paths are varied. Some love the beer first -FINNEGANS Amber, FINNEGANS Blonde (on Hiatus), newcomer Hoppy Shepherd, and the newest Summer Seasonal Freckled Rooster features a lineup of delicious beers with unique profiles in the craft beer field. Others initially respect and support the mission and then are wowed by the great beers that pair nicely with so many foods. Some first hear our passionate and rambunctious CEO speak – Jacquie Berglund is a force of positivity and passion who pulls you in to her vision. Yet others volunteer at fun events involving beer fests and bike races, food packing or sandwich making for the homeless, and realize they want to be part of this big family of fun people that turns beer into food and drinks like they care.

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My path to really getting involved at FINNEGANS was a little different. When I was young, we were “food insecure”. We were on welfare and ate “county cheese” and “county peanut butter”, and drank milk made from powder, which my mom would also use to make a thickened white dish called “milk mush”. Not delicious. Opposite of. But the help of strangers and family allowed us to survive and eventually bridge to a stronger footing as a family. It was this experience that I wrote about in my essay when I entered and won a cooking contest a year ago sponsored by KSTP TV’s Twin Cities Live, Trafalgar Tours, AAA Travel, and FINNEGANS, who provided yummy beer for the recipe. I created an original dish using FINNEGANS Amber and Blonde and won the contest, and a trip for 2 to Ireland. Recently retired and enjoying all my hobbies, this experience spoke to me and it said, loudly: “Its not about you! Go help the hungry!” Kind of shouty but I got the message. I am now the “Corporate Storyteller” (best title I’ve ever had), and can’t wait to tell you about our birthday plans! Get excited!

2016 is the year FINNEGANS turns 16 and you’re all invited to share it with us! So we’re throwing a huge metaphorical birthday party – you can participate by checking out our gift registry and choosing a gift you’d like to buy to help us make food shelf dreams come true, and make the job of feeding the hungry just a bit easier. Together with our MN food bank partner The Food Group, I interviewed a few area food shelves to understand their programs, the clients they serve, and how we could help beyond the fresh organic produce FINNEGANS provides through the Harvest for the Hungry program. Some of the needed items food shelves identified are things that overcome barriers – like language translation services and meal prep education. Others are culturally specific, missing or short supply items, like goat meat, ground beef, lots of fresh produce, and personal care items like diapers and toothpaste. A simple bench could help one food shelf improve the setting around their community garden so an elder can rest while the family tends the garden. You know, the items every 16 year old wishes for! Each of the items on the registry are items food shelves have identified as needed items that their budgets don’t quite cover.

Our goal for this registry is to help us reach a milestone of $1 million in contribution from FINNEGANS/FINNEGANS Community Fund back to the community!

So, please help us celebrate 16 in a very big way. Click here for the registry. We’re having a big birthday bash at the Irish Fair of MN on Aug 12-14th, 2016 – if you pick a gift from the registry, you will be asked to join us at the VIP tent where leprechauns will rub your feet and unicorns will provide free rides around the fair. (Storytellers gotta tell.) Seriously, join us at the tent and we promise it will be the best birthday party you’ve attended this year. Doing good feels so good.

-Patty Morrissey



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