11th annual Drink Like You Care Blog

November 1, 2017 8:00 am

November kicks off our favorite holiday tradition, the 11th annual Drink Like You Care season.

For 11 years, our amazing distributor partners have committed to matching our beer donations during our Drink Like You Care (DLYC) season (Nov 1 – Dec 31) so we can give back double during the holidays (thank you again to all of our distributing partners!). This year, we have set a DLYC goal of $30,000. You play a big role in this too! These donations are based on what is bought by each of you.  ‘Tis the season to make merry and spend quality time with co-workers family and friends.  Choosing FINNEGANS means you are choosing tasty local brews and providing nutritious produce for someone in need.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our supporters simply because without supporters we wouldn’t be able to turn beer into food! We’re ever so grateful for each and every one of our partners, fans, and supporters that this DLYC campaign we’d like to take this holiday season to share our appreciation. Starting with our tried and true FINNEGANS supporters, our Unsung FINNEGANS Champions.

Whether it be from buying a round of FINNEGANS at your company happy hour or keeping FINNEGANS as a staple in your beer fridge, no act is too small. That’s why this year, we’ll be sharing our appreciation for our Unsung FINNEGANS Champions throughout the holidays. Know of a Unsung Champion? Nominate them in our Unsung FINNEGANS Champion contest!

Every pint makes a difference. Every story told helps us grow. As we always say, there are a million fingerprints on this brand, and with this new project, we’re adding more fingerprints. But new fingerprints don’t mean we lose sight of the fingerprints we’ve been built on.  We’re getting close to where we can (finally) invite you to our brewery, our new home, but until then we ask you continue to keep sharing our story, keep up the do-goodery, and keep Drinking Like You Care.

We look forward to having a pint with you at our new brewery March 2018.

Thank you!

– your  friends at FINNEGANS


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