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 FINNEGAN’S Reverse Food Truck

Corporate events are a great time to instill the values of social responsibility and corporate give-back. Because of that, the FINNEGANS Reverse Food Truck has become extremely popular as a means of engaging with employees and business partners at corporate events, company picnics, outdoor gatherings, sporting events and holiday parties.

Including the Reverse Food Truck in your next event or team outing is also an exceptional way to create a halo effect around your business and the good you’re doing within your industry and community. That in turn enhances the overall perception of your company and the people you engage with on a daily basis.

FINNEGANS believes in the goodwill that comes with corporate giving and social responsibility, which makes the Reverse Food truck the perfect way to engage with both employees and clients in a unique on behalf of your business.

Click the links to see how the FINNEGANS RFT was utilized at corporate events!

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement
Client Appreciation
Company Giving
Happy Hour-RFT Event

These are just some of the many positive stories that have come from including the FINNEGANSrft at corporate events. Whether you’re creating awareness of causes, supporting employee and client give-backs, or just doing some good old fashioned barstool philanthropy, give us a call to learn more. If you want, we’ll even bring the beer!


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