Corporate RFT Events

 FINNEGAN’S Reverse Food Truck

Corporate events are a great time to instill the values of social responsibility and corporate give-back. Because of that, the FINNEGANS Reverse Food Truck has become extremely popular as a means of engaging with employees and business partners at corporate events, company picnics, outdoor gatherings, sporting events and holiday parties.

Including the Reverse Food Truck in your next event or team outing is also an exceptional way to create a halo effect around your business and the good you’re doing within your industry and community. That in turn enhances the overall perception of your company and the people you engage with on a daily basis.

FINNEGANS believes in the goodwill that comes with corporate giving and social responsibility, which makes the Reverse Food truck the perfect way to engage with both employees and clients in a unique on behalf of your business.

Click the links to see how the FINNEGANS RFT was utilized at corporate events!

Customer Engagement

Confidential and sensitive papers are of major importance in the financial industry these days, and Bank Cherokee is a huge proponent of free shred events as a means of keeping customer information safe. Each year they host 3 shred events to instill their values of being relationship focused, family oriented and community engaged. Recently, they’ve included the Reverse Food Truck from FINNEGANS to create awareness about the events while collecting donations for The Food Groups Harvest for the Hungry program. It’s a great event for a great cause and we look to be involved for years to come. 

Customer Engagement

As a family owned and operated business, the folks at Eversharp know the value of giving back while being a positive influence within their community and among their neighbors. That’s why twice a year they host a knife sharpening event, encouraging customers to bring in not only their knives, but also a donation for the FINNEGANS Reverse Food Truck. In addition, 100% of proceeds from sharpenings during the bi-annual event are also donated to help support the MN Food Shelf and the efforts of the Reverse Food Truck. 

Client Appreciation

The team at Venture Bank knows the power of customer and client appreciation. That’s why they host multiple events throughout the year as means of highlighting the importance of services they provide and the power of education for small business owners. For their client appreciation happy hour, they brought in the Reverse Food Truck, served FINNEGANS, all while collecting donations for local communities and raising awareness of philanthropic initiatives and banking services. 

Company Giving

As an industry leader in construction, Mortenson has a mantra of “Building Communities and Developing Relationships”. The word they use that embodies their approach to community involvement is Passion, believing that there is no greater gift that they can give others than their time and treasure. During a recent staff and family picnic, and in partnership with the United Way, they enlisted the Reverse Food truck to collect donations on behalf of one of their many charitable partners. As an added bonus, FINNEGANS was served during the event and we look forward to many other great events in the future.

Happy Hour-RFT Event

After a day-long seminar the team at Blue Cross Blue Shield put together for their clients, they had a special surprise for everyone at the end of the day: Happy hour with FINNEGANS! Brews were offered as part of the event, and the Reverse Food Truck was on site to help with the festivities.  Blue Cross Blue Shield announced to their clients that they should draw fake money out of a basket, and whatever amount was drawn would be donated to the Reverse Food Truck program in honor of client appreciation. Clients could then go on to spin the prize wheel for FINNEGANS swag, all proceeds of which contributed to the overall donation.

These are just some of the many positive stories that have come from including the FINNEGANSrft at corporate events. Whether you’re creating awareness of causes, supporting employee and client give-backs, or just doing some good old fashioned barstool philanthropy, give us a call to learn more. If you want, we’ll even bring the beer!


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