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  1. Minnesota Business: Brewing up Business

    February 20, 2018

    FINNEGANS to offer new business and social club BY ADRIANA SMITH Beginning in March 2018, business executives looking to entertain local and out-of-town guests in a relaxed professional atmosphere will have a new option in downtown Minneapolis. Minnesota-based beer brand Finnegans is launching a membership program for the Brewer’s Den, a business and social club at its brewery in the heart of East Town. Read the full article here.  … Read more
  2. The Journal: Coming soon: FINNEGANS Brewery and Taproom

    February 12, 2018

    By  FEBRUARY 12, 2018 FINNEGANS will soon open a taproom, brewery and incubator space not far from where it started 18 years ago in the Elliot Park neighborhood. The nonprofit craft brewer has been building out a Finnegans House, a four-story building that is one piece of a full-block development that features a new office headquarters, an apartment building and a luxury hotel. The project will put Finnegans’ brewing operations, taproom, social club and social entrepreneur space under one roof. To read the full article… Read more
  3. Campaign: This year, call it the Sup-AR Bowl

    February 7, 2018

    This year, call it the Sup-AR Bowl by Zoë Beery February 02, 2018   Augmented reality, teased for several years, finally breaks through at the Big Game. Two Super Bowls ago, Microsoft released a spot touting its HoloLens mixed reality goggles as “the future of football.” It imagined stadiums appearing in living rooms or TV viewers transported, through their goggles, to the stadium. The tech wasn’t available yet, though, and augmented reality didn’t make any appearances during that game, or the next one.… Read more
  4. Twin Cities Business: FINNEGANS Brew Co. is ‘Taking On the System’ with Augmented Reality Super Bowl Ad

    February 2, 2018

    JANUARY 30, 2018 KEVIN HORNER With the help of augmented reality and a few (thousand) pints of virtual beer, Finnegans Brew Co., based in Minneapolis, is planning on “taking over” television sets across the country. Read full article here.Read more
  5. Mobile Marketer: Nonprofit beer brand’s AR app takes over TV screens during Super Bowl

    January 30, 2018

    Jan. 30, 2018 By Robert Williams Considering that 30-second Super Bowl spots can cost as high as $5 million, most smaller marketers shy away from TV advertising during the big game. Finnegans, which isn’t an official sponsor of the Super Bowl, is demonstrating how a more niche, nonprofit organization with a limited budget can generate awareness and publicity by using mobile technology to piggyback on the hype going into the biggest TV and marketing event of the year. Read the full article here.Read more
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